My parents are both healthcare professionals (dentists). Last year I grew their clinic by $800,000 solely from online marketing.

My name is Nash Kassam and last year I grew my parents business by $800,000 through conversion focused web design , result oriented SEO, and hyper targeted Google Adwords. I work primarily with dentists, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, aesthetic clinics, and wellness clinics.

I have the winning formula – let’s work together and grow your business.

I’m different from other marketing companies…

  1. I’m loyal – I work with no more than two professionals in each market to avoid conflicts
  2. I’m result oriented – I have a proven process that generates on average $4 for every $1 invested
  3. I’m direct – I tell you how it is, good or bad

Are you a dentist, chiropractor, plastic surgeon, or wellness clinic owner? Click here to book a virtual meeting with me so that we can chat 1 on 1 about your goals and come up with a game plan.

Talk Soon,

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